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What is this book about?

The purpose of this book "The Heart of a True Servant" is to encourage those who are not actively serving and to challenge those who actively serve, to do so 10x's Better! When God sets a leader over you, he gives him a vision. It is huge, and it is not meant to be carried alone. When God places spiritual leadership in your life, your talents, your gifts, and passions are linked into what is needed to help that vision become a reality. 

You now have an obligation to help carry that vision. Thus is why the gifted must serve. Get active! "The Heart of a True Servant" will challenge you to avoid complacency in your servitude, elevate your capacity and will equip you to maximize your assignment. 

"The Heart of a True Servant" reveals that faithfulness is more than attendance, effectiveness is more than ability, and actions are more than results. The "how" and "why" must be authentic, effective, and strategic to the leader and his God-given vision. 

"The Heart of a True Servant" beats to help his leader accomplish all that God has set for him by; following the Leader, strengthening the Leader; protecting the Leader, being available and authentic to their leader. 

This book speaks to leaders. It encourages you to know that God has not forgotten you. Help is already in the house, and this book will help you identify those individuals. 

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Profound and Influential

"I read your book yesterday, and what a profound message you have delivered. I have a feeling that you are going to influence many people with your words." L.W.

Most Encouraging

"I am reading your book, 'The Heart of a True Servant.' I am enjoying your writings. I find it most encouraging as well as spiritual." - M.W. 


"This book is exceptional! it is straight forward and very informative. My faith and desire to be a better servant leader has increased." - J.J.